Workshop - Athens, Greece - 21 Dec 2012

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"Creating the Organic Electronics Industry in Greece"

Friday 21 December 2012, Divani Caravel Hotel, Athens, Greece



  • arrowOutlook for the Greek & European Organic Electronics Sector
  • arrowApplications of Organic Electronics (OPVs, OLEDs, OTFTs, e-Textiles, ...)
  • arrowManufacturing & Processes of Organic Electronics
  • arrowClustering Activities in Organic Electronics (HOPE-I Cluster)
  • arrowCommercialization & Industrialization Opportunities
  • arrowMoving from Traditional to Organic Electronics & Smart Industry

Check out some of the meeting's highlights!!!

DSC04543 DSC04699 DSC04600
DSC04537 DSC04543 DSC04604
DSC04580 DSC04582 DSC04562
DSC04611 DSC04613 DSC04710
DSC04715 DSC04728 DSC04587
DSC04630 DSC04631 DSC04634
DSC04636 DSC04650 DSC04655
                           DSC04692 DSC04737
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